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Making design useful
for more people

Committed to civic innovation, cooperation and social economy.

We use design to improve the city and quality of life.

We are skilled in framing clear design questions within complex societal challenges. We are specialized in creating meaningful cooperation between diverse parties in order to tackle these challenges together.

We are passionate about improving people's socio-economic capacity through creative talent development. When working with municipalities and public institutions, we explore how design can augment existing services and programmes to better benefit the people they serve.

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Service Design

We use service design to improve and develop civic services and experiences. The result of service design brings tangible improvement to the city and quality of life. People, process and communication are important aspects of service design.

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Participatory Design

Using design thinking methods, we involve users in the development and delivery of a project. This makes it possible to quickly gather feedback and to quickly test ideas throughout a project, leading to more resilient solutions in the end.

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Communication Design

Communication is key in motivating healthy cooperation between diverse parties. We deploy effective physical and digital means of communication in our work such as print, installation, web, photography, video and other forms of interactive media.

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Systems Thinking

For design to work in society, we must be able to frame design questions within complex societal challenges. Using systems thinking methods, we are able to understand complex social problems and explain the role of design within that specific context, such as why design is useful, what design can offer and how design will work together.

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Social Economy

Social economy entails the pursuit of societal values through economic activities. This approach can present alternatives when traditional solutions to a problem no longer seem to work. We often implement social economy concepts in our designs in the form of creative talent development or the creation of products and services.

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Creative Entrepreneurship

During times of uncertainty creative practices can be innovative, agile and scalable. More and more, entrepreneurial questions are at the heart of a social problem. We take entrepreneurial practices of the creative sector and apply them in social contexts to test and create new socio-economic solutions.

Bron van Doen - service design
Bron van Doen - service design
Bron van Doen - service design
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