Wij zijn Bron van Doen



A Dutchman, Irishman and Korean. Came to Eindhoven to study at Design Academy Eindhoven. Graduated from Man and Leisure between 2013-2014. Focused on social projects and co-design in school. Dedicated to working with communities and learning how to run your own business after school. While the circumstances that brought us all to Eindhoven at the same time may have been by chance, with all we have in common for us to end up working together since 2014 was not an accident. And now we decided to call ourselves Bron van Doen.


After working together as independent designers based in Eindhoven for over two years, this year all three of us have been making important decisions in our personal and professional lives. In the beginning of the year Ron quit his side job as a taxi driver and joined our collaboration full time. In spring Conor moved to Germany to start building a life and career in Munich. And during the summer Minsung finally obtained his self employment residence permit allowing him to reliably live and work in the Netherlands. Along the way the three of us have been discussing our vision and future as socially engaged designers and creative entrepreneurs. The result of this is now a business partnership between Ron and Minsung, with Conor continuing to collaborate with us as an associate.


We hope 2016 marks a positive step in developing our collaboration rooted in Eindhoven; while we still have much to learn in all aspects of life and work, we believe we are growing towards becoming more responsible to ourselves, our surroundings and the people we work together with. We will continue to devote our creativity to working with people, addressing societal challenges together and being the source of positive action.