We are three designers, connectors and creative entrepreneurs working together since 2014

Ron Krielen

Social innovator and Social designer

I am a pragmatic idealist with a vision and a degree in design. Compassion is one of the most prominent words in my vocabulary, optimism is another. By optimism, I do not mean to say that everything is all right. I do believe that all problems can be solved.

During my studies at Design Academy Eindhoven, I did an internship in Moldova for a Belgian Humanitarian Aid organisation. My tasks were to document and report the finished and ongoing (construction) projects like schools, orphanages and a furniture factory. This experience helped me to broaden my perspective and test my ideas about support for the people at the bottom of the pyramid. Throughout my studies, I worked as a taxi driver for the elderly and for people with disabilities. It not only supported me in my daily life, but also gave me a sense of commitment, of doing something meaningful for others. In 2013, I graduated with the project “Two Hats”, for which I took the stories and problems I heard driving the taxi and translated them as questions and problems to be addressed by society. I was granted the 2013 DAE Connector Award for Two Hats.

After graduation I got back in touch with Conor and Minsung. We found out that our skills and interests are a great match so I joined them at the Corner Spot in the beginning of 2015. Less than one year later I quit my side job to became a full-time social designer; participating in all existing projects and working together to set the course for the coming years.

Minsung Wang

Creative entrepreneur and Communication designer

I graduated from Seoul National University in 2005, as an art historian and archaeologist, and continued my studies at Design Academy Eindhoven, the Man and Leisure department. After my graduation in 2014, I based myself in the city of Eindhoven as a designer, connector and entrepreneur. While my studies in South Korea have taught me the value of culture, history and context, my more recent studies in the Netherlands have taught me the power of creativity and the potential of building bridges between people. Now, I am exploring what can happen when we bring knowledge and design together in order to create valuable collaborations in the city.

Eindhoven embraces social innovation, and we are dedicated to develop and realise projects that address some of the city’s social, cultural and economic challenges. I am confident we are making a difference in the city but we are also learning new things every day, in the middle of all of our projects and collaborations, and I hope we will be able to spread and share our knowledge and experience with other cities and communities as well.

I graduated from DAE with a project called “Breadcrumb workshops” and it is all about creating inspiring technology workshops for communities. I believe modern technology can be a tool of empowerment, and I am particularly passionate about introducing web technology and physical computing to people without a technological background. Some of our work reflects this, and we are always keen to work together with institutions and communities to spread our knowledge.

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