Uit de Buurtfabriek

TargetPeople in EindhovenClientSelf Initiated
Period2015 – onwardPartnersWoonbedrijf, Heijmans, Het Ambachtshuis, Gemeente Eindhoven

Stichting Uit de Buurtfabriek(UdB) creates social and economic value and empowers people through furniture making.

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UdB facilitates the co-creation of unique, quality furniture within a social working environment in Eindhoven. UdB guides its volunteers in the development of their production and social skills and provides businesses, organisations and other clients an opportunity to create social value by producing custom furniture for their projects and spaces.

In 2014, a request to manufacture low cost furniture for a social initiative in Doornakker triggered us to establish a small workshop with volunteers from the neighbourhood. After successfully creating furniture for a couple of local projects, we relocated the workshop with the help of social housing cooperation Woonbedrijf to a warehouse near the centre of Eindhoven in 2015. Here UdB continued to grow with the help of many volunteers and supporters. With the support of building and development company Heijmans we relocated to Plan-B in 2016, a former Philips laboratory at de Hurk which is being redeveloped into a platform for creative businesses.

In April 2016, Stichting UdB was founded with 5 board members. At the moment UdB is open 3 days a week designing and producing furniture with a staff of 2 project managers, 3 production leaders and 13 volunteers. Every year, UdB is taking part in Dutch Design Week. It participated in the Circulaire Fabriek exhibition in 2015 and Social Design Street exhibition in 2016.