TU/e Professional Identity weblectures

TargetTU/e Industrial Design Bachelor studentsClientTU/e Bachelor College,
dr. Migchiel van Diggelen
ProductionDecember 2015 – May 2016CollaborationMarnix Oosterwelder,
TU/e ID staff & students

In December 2015, designer Izabela Boloz contacted us to discuss a video assignment for the Industrial Design (ID) faculty of Eindhoven University of Technology. The assignment was to develop and implement a series of web lectures that would accompany a web-based course on Self-Directed Learning for ID Bachelor, led by dr. Migchiel van Diggelen.

The general goal was to create a series of videos that would introduce the basics of Self-Directed Learning in an inspiring manner. To achieve this, we decided to combine live presentations with illustrations. Since most of the information was not visual, illustrating the content helped to engage the students. We invited designer Marnix Oosterwelder to create the illustrations based on the script and ID arranged three students to be the presenters.

Starting from February 2016, we delivered five separate web lectures for the students as the self-directed learning course progressed. At the end of the course, a final batch of all five lectures was delivered to ID in August 2016, complete with quality-improving corrections and adjustments. This assignment was a great opportunity to work together with a university in producing educational material. We gained much experience in producing videos that combine presentations and illustrations, and hope to have more opportunities to work with this format in the future.