The Shipyard

TargetDelegation of international design expertsClientDutch Design Foundation (Dutch Design Week)
Date and locationOct. 22, 2015 (DDW 2015) at KlokgebouwPartnerIngrid van der Wacht

In September 2015, Ingrid van der Wacht, international project manager at Dutch Design Foundation commissioned us to develop and host a workshop during Dutch Design Week 2015 titled ”what if… design festivals are laboratories for innovation”. This workshop was intended for a group of international design-festival experts visiting DDW 2015 to discuss the possibility of design festivals being used as a platform for social innovation.

We wanted each delegate to return home from Eindhoven with an imaginative scenario of how their design festival could become a platform of innovation in their respective cities. Working closely together with Ingrid, we adapted our co-design method Concept Cookery into a co-creation process of building metaphorical ships titled “The Shipyard”.

The Shipyard was a co-design workshop that revolved around five questions presented by experts and related challenges presented by the other participants. Using various “ship parts” generated during the workshop, we guided the participants towards constructing “ships” that addressed these specific questions and challenges in imaginative scenarios. Using the tools we developed and produced for The Shipyard, the participants succeeded in creating new ideas that were firmly based on their surroundings and expertise.