SIVV Uitvraag video

TargetStakeholders of SIVV UitvraagClientDe Stichting Innovatie voor Veiligheid
ProductionApril – May 2016Partner

In February 2016, Paul Pattynama, chairman of Stichting Innovatie voor Veiligheid commissioned us to create a set of visual designs for their Uitvraag programme. SIVV is an innovation platform dedicated to addressing security issues through co-creation, and its Uitvraag was an open call that interrogated and addressed various local security problems by mobilising local knowledge and expertise. We were brought in during the last phases of this programme. Our assignment was to create a short video that summarised the process and result of the Uitvraag, and to design a visual report that would be presented to SIVV’s stakeholders (including the Province of Noord Brabant).

For the video production we were present on two occasions of the Uitvraag: the day the participants presented their proposals in front of the jury and the day the final winners were announced. Mixing these visuals with photos and videos taken from earlier stages of the project, we produced a four-minute video that presented the concept, process and results of the Uitvraag. The visual report was designed as a foldable A2 print (poster on the front, written report on the back). This print was folded into an envelope that contained a USB stick (project video) and additional material (financial report, assessment, etc.).