Scale Down Challenge video

TargetYouth and young adults in AmsterdamClientStichting HOLY
PeriodJune 2016PartnersPaul Stümpel, Wout Stroucken

The Scale Down Challenge is an innovative project created by HOLY, OXFAM Novib and the City of Amsterdam that focuses on youth and young adults. In a playful and humorous way the project aims to create more awareness of our consumer behaviour. It shows young people that they can influence their own patterns of consumption and create a better and more beautiful world in doing so. Small steps can lead to big changes.

In May 2015, designers Paul Stümpel and Wout Stroucken approached us with an assignment to produce a promotional video for The Scale Down Challenge campaign. In two month time we produced a playful and colourful video that reflected the energy of The Scale Down Challenge.

Filmed and Edited: Studio Mashed
Music: Swing Slow by Zoutmus
Grocer: Eric Van de Wijdeven
Text and Story Board: Jan Pieter Kaptein, Jason Page, Paul Stümpel