ReTie – Prototyping Toolkit

TargetTeam building, Workshops, StudentsClientSelf initiated

ReTie is a modular toolkit which can be used to physically prototype ideas. It is made from interchangeable wooden beams, wooden sheet material and reusable cable ties.

The ReTie prototyping toolkit lowers the threshold for users to take part in the prototyping phase of co-design processes. It makes the process of creating objects or spaces much more accessible because the users do not need tools or machines to create their prototypes. All they need is their hands, their creativity and their willingness to collaborate.

The way the toolkit works is self-explanatory and encourages trial and error. The focus is not on making the perfect prototype but on helping the users to communicate their idea in a physical and tangible way instead. It engages them to work with their hands and to prototype on a 1:1 scale.

The toolkit can be used as a stand-alone product for self-facilitated workshops; a designer can be hired to facilitate workshops; and it can be used as part of longer co-design processes. It has also proven to be a useful team-building exercise within organisations and companies. Below are some examples of the ReTie toolkit being used:

  • Take a seat to make a seat with the elderly and students during DDW 2014
  • Prototyping during De Reactor incubation weekend
  • Temporary Exhibition with Korean exchange students
  • Prototyping day during The Wise City summer school
  • Prototyping with teenagers during DDW 2015
  • Building with children during Doornakkers Voelt Zich Goed Markt
  • Team building during Pillow Academy
  • Team building for Uit de Buurtfabriek