Rake Lijnen website

TargetClients of Rake LijnenClientRake Lijnen (Marnix Oosterwelder)
DevelopmentApril – June 2016Partner

In March 2016, designer Marnix Oosterwelder approached us to redesign and develop a new website for his design agency, Rake Lijnen. Marnix has a rich portfolio with much experience working for established employers and clients. His more recent, independent projects however have a strong focus on social and empathic design. The challenge was to present both his older and newer projects coherently but to still distinguish between projects done for former employers and projects that have been done under the Rake Lijnen name.

We decided to use Marnix’s signature yellow as a deciding factor, and created a dark-themed website that conveys professionalism and reliability. Taking advantage of Marnix’s rich photo archive of all his previous work, the framework of the website was set up with minimal styling and depends on images to bring out his personality and uniqueness. In the end, we made two separate project pages “Projecten RL” and “Portfolio Oosterwelder” in order to clearly differentiate between projects of Rake Lijnen and projects Marnix did for previous employers.