NIEUW/OUD 2.0 Theresia

TargetSenior citizens in Vitalis TheresiaClientVitalis Theresia
PeriodJune 2016 – December 2016PartnersStudio op Poten, Fonds voor Cultureparticipatie, Gemeente Eindhoven

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In May 2016 we concluded the first NIEUW/OUD project at Vitalis Berckelhof, an intergenerational collaboration and co-design project highlighting the hidden heritage and talent of older people  Because of the positive results we continued to work together with Studio op Poten and Sylvia van Aggel from Vitalis WoonZorg Groep. Sylvia introduced NIEUW/OUD to  Vitalis Theresia, located in the western region of Eindhoven, and proposed a follow-up project with senior citizens living there. With funding from the Municipality of Eindhoven and a grant from Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, we were able to start NIEUW/OUD 2.0 at Vitalis Theresia in 2016.

NIEUW/OUD 2.0 was a great opportunity for both us and op Poten to reflect upon what we had done in Berckelhof and make improvements in the organisation of the project as well as its co-creation process between young and old talents. A notable change was putting more emphasis on the role caretakers can play within the project. With a better understanding of the creative process, the caretakers were able to take a more active role in facilitating the needs of the participants. In addition, with better support for the young talents they were able to take on more responsibilities throughout the project.

The process and results of NIEUW/OUD 2.0 was presented during Dutch Design Week 2016, in the Eindhoof je mee? exhibition (at the city hall) and Grand Grey exhibition (at Vitalis Berckelhof).