NIEUW/OUD Berckelhof

TargetSenior citizens in DoornakkersClientVitalis Berckelhof
PeriodJuly 2015 – December 2015PartnerStudio op Poten, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie

NIEUW/OUD is the result of our continued collaboration with Vitalis WoonZorg Groep after Social&. We learned from this project that the personal heritage of the elderly is not only invaluable, it also often remains untold. We wanted to develop a co-design project in order to celebrate the personal histories and talents of senior citizens. Together with Studio op Poten (designers Laura Koenen and Malou van Dijck) we developed the concept for NIEUW/OUD, a project in Doornakkers dedicated to exploring and revealing the hidden heritage and talent of older people by means of intergenerational collaboration and co-design. With support of the municipality of Eindhoven and Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie we were able to begin the project in July 2015.

We worked with senior citizens living in the neighbourhood as well as residents of Vitalis Berckelhof. After a series of introductory workshops, we gathered a group of 8 older “talents” who were passionate about exploring and creating together. We coupled each talent with a younger creative with similar expertise, and together they embarked on a design process which led each couple to create their own unique designs. You can learn more about the process and results of NIEUW/OUD Berckelhof by reading our visual report online.

NIEUW/OUD is a co-design project that gradually grew upon the cooperation between a care organisation and local designers. While NIEUW/OUD is based on refined co-creation processes made by designers, it depends on the participation and ownership of its participants and care organisation. This project is a reminder for us that socially engaged design requires both good design and dedicated collaborations.