Machining Valley Embassy

TargetMachining industry of Mullae,
Creative industry of Eindhoven
ClientSEMAS (South Korea)
Period and locationOct.17-25, 2015 (DDW 2015) at Sectie-CPartnersJungdabang Project (South Korea)

Machining Valley Embassy (MVE) aims to initiate creative and economic collaborations between small-scale metal manufacturers in Mullae and designers in Eindhoven.

Exhibition furniture: Uit de Buurtfabriek
Graphic design: Lee, Sooji

In Seoul, many districts have developed focused industries that serve a distinctive function within the metropolitan area, much like a body part does in relation to the body. With a population of 32,000 people, the Mullae district is one of these areas with a traditional metal manufacturing industry. Mullae houses a rich community of small scale metal manufacturers and craftsmen, and has been providing the city with essential metal manufactures. As the contemporary industry of Seoul shifts, the demand for traditional metal manufacturing is fluctuating as well. While the metal manufacturing industry of Mullae is by no means endangered, it is undergoing a time of uncertainty that is demanding changes in their traditional way of working.

Meanwhile, Eindhoven is a city that has undergone a transition of core industries, from lighting/electronics (Philips) and car/truck manufacturing (DAF) in the 20th century, to an industry focused on technological innovation and creativity in the 21st century. The city nurtures an exceptionally diverse and versatile industry of independent designers and small scale creative businesses.

MVE focuses on high-quality and small-scale prototyping as a means of creating mutually beneficial collaborations between small-scale metal manufacturers in Mullae and designers in Eindhoven. We participated in Dutch Design Week 2015 with our first exhibition at Section-C, presenting the work of 10 businesses in the Mullae district that excel in prototyping precision metal manufactures. This was our first step towards building innovative collaborations and new opportunities between Mullae and Eindhoven. MVE is reaching out to designers in Eindhoven who are interested in collaborating with Mullae in the future.