The 1980s. Today’s Beginnings? video interviews

TargetVisitors of Van AbbemuseumClientVan Abbemuseum
ProductionMarch – April 2016PartnerGemma Medina

The 1980s. Today’s Beginnings? exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum (16/04/2016 – 25/09/2016) explored the long 1980s from six European perspectives, examining the relevance of this transformative decade for today. This collaborative project comprised a diverse mix of artworks, music, TV, graphic and archival material, exploring a wide set of socio-political themes through the lens of culture. During this exhibition, Room 6 in the museum aimed to link themes and histories to constituencies and events in Eindhoven, and research curator Gemma Medina invited us to create a series of short interview videos that captured different perspectives of people living and working in Eindhoven during the 80s.

We visited 5 people who are currently living in Eindhoven, each with a unique story from their personal experiences growing up/working/living in the city during the 80s. They talked about women’s education, peace movements, gay emancipation, Philips and working in a women’s shelter. The production of the video interviews was pretty straightforward: the edits followed the storytellers, preceded with a fixed format introduction of them stating who they are and what they were doing in the 80s. While each story shared personal experiences in an episodic manner, they were intended to touch upon themes and ideas that were prevalent within society at that time.