Corner Spot

TargetCommunities in DoornakkersClientSelf initiated
PeriodFebuary 2014 – continuingPartnerGemeente Eindhoven, Cees Donkers

Corner Spot is a local co-creation space and living lab that provides a connecting point between projects and people in Doornakkers and Eindhoven. Since 2014, Corner Spot has been collaborating with communities, local organisations and the municipality to realise socially engaged projects in and around Doornakkers. Corner Spot makes innovation accessible in the locality by organising co-design activities, initiating new social projects and creating useful networks. It has been the starting point of many of our social projects in the neighbourhood, including Uit de Buurtfabriek, NIEUW/OUD, Door‘n Contact and The Wise City.

In February 2014, we moved into the neighbourhood with the help of urban designer Cees Donkers. We were interested in exploring how creativity and design thinking could be used on a local scale and how designers could work together with diverse groups of people. During our first year we spent most of our time getting to know the neighbourhood, piloting small activities and engaging in discussions. These activities helped us build a positive relationship with local care organisation Vitalis Berckelhof and social housing company Woonbedrijf, and based on this cooperation we organised Social&, the first social design event in Doornakkers, during Dutch Design Week 2014.

In 2015, Corner Spot received a social design assignment from the municipality of Eindhoven. With this assignment we were able to develop long term projects based on what we have learned from Social& and working in the neighbourhood. Now, Corner Spot is where we are developing short- to long-term socially engaged projects together with various people in Eindhoven.