Concept Cookery

TargetCommunities, clients, studentsClientSelf initiated
DevelopmentNovember 2015 – continuingPartners

A co-design process that helps us understand who we are, the work we do and the challenges we face.

Since 2014, we have been working on various projects with complex social, cultural and economic contexts. They confront us with the need to make our work comprehensive, both for ourselves and others. Thus we started to develop a tool to analyse, reflect and ultimately disseminate our own projects and the way we work. Concept Cookery is our basic co-design process that utilises metaphorical ingredients as an analytical tool to identify the essentials of a given situation. Concept Cookery also uses these ingredients to create metaphorical recipes which are essentially networked scenarios. Using this co-design method, our goal is to help people address diverse societal challenges together.

In practice Concept Cookery is a visual and simple process that we can use with diverse groups of people in different situations. For example, in situations of project development we use it to highlight priorities and focus on what is needed in order to progress; in situations of conflict it helps to pinpoint existing interests and strength and use these as the basis of negotiating a future scenario; and when working with students we use it to capture their inherent talents as a starting point to create imaginative scenarios of personal development.