TargetNovices of technologyClientSelf initiated
PeriodJune 2014 – ongoingPartnerExperts of technology

Workshops that explore accessible technology by prototyping simple ideas

Breadcrumbs are a series of workshops that introduce people to accessible modern technology, and explore how they can actively engage with it. We achieve this by creating contextualised workshops where experts and novices of technology meet, work and learn from each other.

They were initiated as Minsung’s graduation project from Design Academy Eindhoven and since 2014, we have been developing and piloting various technology workshops based on the interests of the communities we collaborated with. By formulating specific scenarios for people to come together and work with technology, we hope these scenarios gradually lead to sustainable relationships between experts and novices of technology, opening up new opportunities of collaboration between people.

We continue to generate scenarios for diverse communities to learn about and work with technology. Meanwhile we deployed the workshops with children, students, senior citizens and have taken part in maker events. The following are some examples of Breadcrumb workshops.

  • Lights with designers: Introducing ways to integrate sensors into light projects, for design students
  • Sounds and vegetables: Creating interactive sound installations using sensors and vegetables, for children
  • Glow scarf: Experimenting with traditional textile techniques and basic wearable technology, for textile hobbyists
  • Calculator room: Transforming a classroom into a large scale calculator space by hacking handheld calculators, for children and classes.
  • NETWERK: Introducing the concept of the internet and creating your own server and website, for children and teenagers.