Agents of Change

TargetCommunities and social initiatives in EindhovenClientSelf initiated
PeriodOctober 2015 – July 2016PartnerThe Umbrella Network, Van Abbemuseum, Gemeente Eindhoven

Agents of Change (AoC) is a project by The Umbrella network in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum and L’internationale, It is focused on highlighting and connecting social design, art and community projects in Eindhoven through interactive tours and various activities. By mapping communities and activities in the city, we reveal its current urgencies and produce useful tools for social analysis. It is also a starting point for the Van Abbemuseum to use the museum as an agency for social engagement.

In 2016, we worked in five areas in Eindhoven: Woensel-West, Stratum, Doornakkers, Woensel-Noord and Strijp. In each area we spent a month networking with various communities, mapping out social projects in the locality as well as organising tours that visited a number of them. In July and August, we organised a series of activities at the museum for which we invited some of the communities to host events there; we also piloted co-creation workshops in which we discussed specific challenges that some of the projects were facing. The activities of AoC in 2016 were presented at the Van Abbemuseum in The 1980S. Today’s Beginnings? exhibition (16/04/2016 – 25/09/2016).

With AoC we discovered that there are plenty of self-initiated, spontaneous and in many cases temporary projects going on in the neighbourhoods. However, projects organised by institutions and professionals usually get the most attention and support. In order to nurture a resilient and diverse ecosystem of social initiatives in the city, we believe it is important to pay attention to and actively support low profile community projects too. Therefore, AoC is dedicated to celebrate what communities are achieving here and now, and to create a useful network for social initiatives by connecting communities and organisations. AoC brings more attention to self-initiated projects, captures the relevance of their activities in relation to current urgencies in society and helps them to take better advantage of the resources offered by institutions.

Project partners: The Umbrella network (Ron Krielen, Gemma Medina, Christine van Meegen, Conor Trawinski, Minsung Wang)