Internship 2017 May-Dec:
Social & Textile design



Bron van Doen is a multidisciplinary studio in Eindhoven developing creative projects that embody social, cultural and economic values. Currently we have a strong portfolio of socially engaged design projects, such as Uit de Buurtfabriek (social furniture making workspace), NIEUW/OUD (co-design project between young and old talents) and Agents of Change (mapping social initiatives in Eindhoven in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum). We are looking for enthusiastic and talented students who are interested in co-design, project development and using their design skills to address societal challenges together.


From May to December 2017 we have an internship position for “Social design and Textile design”. (length and intensity flexible)

In general, for 2 days a week all interns at Bron van Doen are introduced to co-design and project development and expected to take part in diverse projects. This entails being involved in the planning and organization of current projects as well as taking part in co-design activities with diverse participants and stakeholders. You will also be developing and implementing a neighborhood programme of activities and creating a platform (Door’n Contact).

Alongside this the “social design and textile design” position will work at Corner Spot (and the neighbourhood of Doornakkers) for 2-3 days a week. During this period you will take part in Corner Spot activities and work closely together with Kledingruil Atelier #Awesome in order to develop and prototype a secondhand textile based product. This is part of a project development process aimed at establishing a social and creative business in Doornakkers. You will work closely together with Vitalis Berckelhof to develop a format for their expo in DDW.


  • Co-design: Since most of our work involves working with participatory processes we are looking for students who have experience with co-design or at least have an affinity for working together with diverse people.
  • Communication skill: Students must have at least one distinctive communication skill, such as visual design, audio-video production, presentation skills or analytical writing.
  • Textile design: For the “social design and textile design” position we are looking for a student who is skilled in textile design (material study and concept development, drawing, prototyping, production).
  • Dutch language skills: Since this position involves working closely together with people living in Doornakkers students must be able to communicate well in Dutch.


  • General guidance: For general direction and learning goals, students will be guided by Minsung Wang throughout their internship. Minsung will also provide guidance in co-design and project development.
  • Corner Spot: The “social design and textile design” intern will be guided by Ron Krielen for all Corner Spot and neighbourhood activities, and will work closely together with him for the project’s product design and co-design .


  • Bron van Doen offers interns a honorarium of 200 euros per month.