Bron van Doen is a multidisciplinary studio in Eindhoven developing creative projects that embody social, cultural and economic values


We are a group of designers and creative entrepreneurs exploring how we can address societal issues using our creativity and entrepreneurial skills. We believe it is possible to bring innovation to society by bringing about collaborations between different sectors and communities: in our case we focus on connecting the creative industry, cultural organisations, municipal bodies and diverse communities with each other. Together with them, Bron van Doen develops creative projects that embody social, cultural and economic values.

In most of our work we use co-design, a participatory process that involves stakeholders at every stage of the process. By applying our co-design method “Concept Cookery”, we first pinpoint the fundamental values and needs of a given situation, and eventually formulate future scenarios that are creative and effective. Our strength lies in our ability to work with concepts and everyday realities at the same time, where our priority is to create inspiring and applicable actions.

During the early stages of a project, we gather empirical knowledge by executing small-scale, low-impact pilots. Tied together with established research, this hands-on experience forms the foundation for long-term plans of action that address the core challenges we identified. In order to achieve sustainability within socially engaged projects, it is essential to embody social, cultural and economic values within the project, and in many cases we achieve this using creative entrepreneurship.


At Bron van Doen we work together with people and we always start with the interests, needs and hidden potential of people around us. Together we build teams and we bring in professional networks and structural support when necessary. Our aim is to realise timely, sustainable and inspiring projects that allow people to address societal challenges together. It is our job to create new and unexpected collaborations between them.

We often identify a gap between the discourse and practice surrounding societal challenges. Discourses within institutions and academia usually find it difficult to generate case studies. Practice created by communities often lack the structure and means to achieve sustainment. By connecting and working together with both groups we are capable of formulating ideas that encompass both the broader context and specific realities of a given challenge.

Being connectors we are able to propose unique collaborations that would never be explored if a project was developed within one sector or community. Developing a social business model in relation to the municipal care system; stimulating talent development between young and old people; linking citizen initiatives with the local museum; exploring how to bring technological innovation into neighbourhoods – these are some of the collaborations we have worked on, and we will continue to create more into the future.

Creative skills

  • Concept development

  • Participatory design

  • Creative entrepreneurship

  • Physical prototyping

  • Graphic & Web design

  • Photography & Video

We use our versatile creative skills in every project we work on. Since we position ourselves in between communities and industries our skills are exceptionally useful when developing projects that require new collaborations between the social, cultural and economic sectors.

Many people will agree upon the importance of a given societal challenge, but getting them to become invested in a cause is a challenge by itself. At Bron van Doen we use any kind of design media to get people involved; be it a poster, booklet, video, website, furniture, workshop, exhibition or social media. Most often it’s a mix. For each project, we create empathic experiences and intuitive designs that inspire people to commit to a new idea and work together.

Have a look at some of our projects and see how we are using different design methods depending on who we are collaborating with and who we are trying to reach.

Interested in how we work?