Attending “Working with Constituents” symposium in Middlesbrough


Between the 8th and 10th Ron, Minsung and Gemma Medina will be attending a 3 day symposium titled “Working with Constituents” hosted at the Middlesbrough Institution of Modern Art(mima) at Middlesbrough, England. This three-day international event, organised in partnership with the L’internationale European museum network, will focus on the possibility of a museum in which the visitor is not a passive receiver of predefined content, but a member of a constituent body who provokes, informs and co-produces programmes. We are invited as The Umbrella network with our project Agents of Change, being one of the constituents working together with the Van Abbemuseum. This symposium is arranged by L’internationale, a confederation of six modern and contemporary art institutions. L’internationale proposes a space for art within a non-hierarchical and decentralised internationalism, based on the values of difference and horizontal exchange among a constellation of cultural agents, locally rooted and globally connected.